Taking The Guess Out Of Biogas

April 7, 2016

Team Biogas® – in an effort to build upon its reputation as the “go to” company for lab test equipment, consumables and consulting services relating to Renewable Energy, has taken another major step in announcing the launch of the new Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN) website, specializing in BMP (Biomethane Potential) laboratory assays.   To learn more, click on http://adltn.net

Team Biogas® has brought together a selected group of private, commercial and accredited Universities with an emphasis on Applied Research strategically located in the United States and Canada.  These specially selected Labs are equipped, trained and managed to provide Standard single or continuous feed lab tests or Custom lab tests meeting customer needs in the areas of Analyses, Elemental Analysis, Bio-solid Packages, Biogas production, pre/post consumer waste and food production for Anaerobic Digestion.

The ADLTN has a proven track record for providing lab test services following the industry recognized top four feed stock collection protocols: ASTM, Gunaseelan, DIN and BPC resulting in automated, accurate and reliable measurements for biogas production.  These Lab test reports also provide critical quantitative data when performing due-diligence on funding and production capabilities for pre and post Anaerobic Digester installations.  In addition, each lab test may include a scheduled de-briefing and interpretation session with the Lab performing the test.

About Team Biogas®:

Team Biogas®, division of Seahold LLC, is focused on supporting sustainability efforts from organics. Reducing greenhouse gases through renewable energy from organics is possible.  We distribute industry leading Branded instruments for both, laboratory and production scale research for studying and increasing biogas production.

We support those concentrating on Anaerobic Digestion which converts biogas to biomethane for energy and fuel.  Automated, accurate, and reliable measurement of biogas production is our goal.

Supporting anaerobic digestion instrumentation and measurement systems of all sizes is our strength.

As a multi-brand value added distributor, satisfying our customers is our only objective.

For more information on the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network, please call (951) 943-9697 or visit the ADLTN – Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network site.