Feed Energy Company – Astounding Customers Since 1986

February 8, 2017

Feed Energy Company, based in Pleasant Hills, IA, selected the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN®) to perform the BMP lab test study and determine the Biomethane Potential for two individual substrates along with the Anaerobic Toxicity Assay (ATA) tests.

“We found the staff at Team Biogas® and the designated lab to be professional and excellent to work with.  The lab test was performed to our exact specifications and the data provided in the final report was presented in a detailed and easy to understand format.  We will certainly use them on future lab tests” said Hugh Warren, Research Engineer.

About Feed Energy Company:

Astounding! It is the single most important word to Feed Energy’s growth. From astounding products to astounding service, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations at every possible opportunity.

While the history of Feed Energy begins in 1986, the company’s foundation goes back to the early 1950s when Roger Garrett set out to improve the quality and performance of livestock diets by formulating and blending animal and vegetable oils to a specific caloric content. Today, the Garrett formula serves as the basis for Feed Energy’s scientific approach to delivering better gains and greater feed efficiencies for livestock and poultry producers.

VISION: We will be recognized as leading experts in lipid science technology. We enhance and utilize fats and oils for solving animal production issues. We will spread the Feed Energy Experience to livestock and poultry producers nationwide.

MISSION: We provide high performance energy and essential nutrition to livestock and poultry through science based solutions. Trusted. Reliable. Sustainable.

About Team Biogas® and The ADLTN®:

Team Biogas® has brought together a selected group of private, commercial and accredited Universities with an emphasis on Applied Research strategically located in North America.  These specially selected Labs are equipped, trained and managed to provide Standard single or Continuous Feed or Custom lab tests meeting customer needs in the areas of Analyses, Elemental Analysis, Bio-solid Packages, Biogas production, pre/post consumer waste and food production for Anaerobic Digestion.

Team Biogas®, division of SeaHold®  LLC, is focused on supporting sustainability efforts from organics. Reducing greenhouse gases through renewable energy from organics is possible.  We distribute industry leading Branded instruments for both, laboratory and production scale research for studying and increasing biogas production.

For more information on the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network, please call (951) 943-9697 or visit the ADLTN – Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network site.