De-Bugging Wastewater Treatment

April 25, 2016

Team Biogas® – the “go to” company for lab test equipment, consumables and consulting services relating to Renewable Energy is excited to announce a value-added-reseller (VAR) agreement with Aquafix to distribute the complete line of seventeen industry proven wastewater treatment plant products through a network of product specialists located throughout the US and Canada.

Tom Hintz, founder of Team Biogas® believes adding the Aquafix products to the Team Biogas® line card of products and services is a natural fit.  “The strength of the Aquafix product line is knowing these superior products were developed with a wastewater operator to focus on maintaining a better biomass and clear effluent by eliminating the need of harsh chemicals.  Working directly with the wastewater operator allowed for the creation of products that solve the source of the problem and not just suppress it temporarily like most wastewater bacterial additives”.

Kevin Ripp, Head of Scientific Research at Aquafix, says, “We are excited to have Team Biogas® as a major distribution channel for our product line.  At Aquafix, we develop each product to solve the root cause of a wastewater issue by taking out the source cause of each filament, foam, surfactant, hydrogen sulfide, settling, and ammonia issue.  The key to our success is nutrition.  We provide the right nutrients and stimulants to give the bacteria the “tools” they need to degrade the specific problem agent.  This is how we can truly tailor each product to each wastewater issue”.

About Team Biogas®:

Team Biogas® is focused on supporting sustainability efforts from organics.  Reducing greenhouse gases through renewable energy from organics is possible.  We distribute industry leading Branded instruments for both, laboratory and production scale research for measuring as well as increasing biogas production.

We support those concentrating on Anaerobic Digestion who convert biogas to bio-methane for energy and fuel.  Automated, accurate, and reliable measurement of biogas production is our goal. Supporting anaerobic digestion instrumentation and measurement systems of all sizes is our strength.  As a multi-brand value added distributor, satisfying our customers is our only objective.

The Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN), managed by Team Biogas® features highly qualified University’s in the US and Canada to perform three levels of BMP testing.

For a catalog of the Aquafix 17 products call (951)943-9697 or email:

For more information on the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network, please call (951) 943-9697 or visit the ADLTN – Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network site.